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Sigma, with roots tracing back to the eighteenth century, boasts extensive expertise in crafting top-tier paints, esteemed by professionals for their quality.

About Sigma coatings

Sigma Coatings develops and manufactures a top range of paints for various substrates and applications. Sigma's history goes back several hundred years, to the eighteenth century. In all that time, fuelled by a great deal of experience from the trade and by constant innovation, Sigma Coatings has grown into a name associated with high-quality paint. Not for nothing is Sigma used by many professional painters. As part of PPG Industries, Sigma Coatings is also part of an international company.

View all Sigma paints and product ranges below. 

The different Sigma paints

From primer, to wall paint, to lacquers,... You can find the appropriate Sigma Coatings paint for many paint jobs.
Below are some of the top products from its range.

Wall paints

Give your living spaces a makeover with our favourite wall paints: Sigma Perfect Matt and Sigma Pearl Clean Matt. These high-quality products from Sigma Coatings are designed to transform your walls into stunning eye-catchers, with an excellent finish.

Sigma Perfect Matt is an excellent choice for those looking for velvety, matt surfaces. Its advanced formula ensures excellent coverage. This paint effortlessly hides imperfections, creating a clean and polished look.

If you love clean walls, Sigma Pearl Clean Matt might be the contender. This paint is easy to clean, making stains and dirt no longer a problem.

Both Sigma Perfect Matt and Sigma Pearl Clean Matt can be used as primers and finishes. In addition, both interior wall paints are available in a wide range of colours. So you're sure to find the perfect match for your style!


Need a lacquer? We have two toppers: Sigma Amarol Triol Satin and Sigma Tigron Aqua Satin in mind for you!

Sigma Amarol Triol Satin is the perfect choice if you are looking for a high-quality paint with a silk-gloss finish. Whether wood, metal or plastic, Sigma Amarol Triol Satin provides a long-lasting and scratch-resistant finish. With this synthetic paint, you get a professional result that lasts and gives your projects a sophisticated and luxurious look.

More of a fan of a water-based interior paint? Sigma Tigron Aqua Satin is one such water-based paint. It has the added advantage of low odour and faster drying.

Both are scratch and abrasion resistant.


Sigma Woodprotect is here to give your wood some love. Take the Sigma Woodprotect Solid Satin. This opaque stain guarantees sublime weather protection. This product is ideal for tackling back greying wood and breathing new life into it.

Prefer a stain that will still highlight the details of your wood? Then opt for a transparent stain. By the way, all Sigma stains are available in numerous colours.
Not sure yet which colour to go for? This blog will give you more inspiration.

Buy Sigma paint online?

You might be familiar with it: you're standing in a shop, with dozens of pots of paint in front of you and thinking "which paint do I actually need?". You might then ask a salesperson in the store to advise you. It's the same thing online, but with the difference that our paint selection here at Tintrio is even more extensive, so you might find it even harder to choose.

Fortunately, behind the scenes we have a number of paint experts who can give you expert advice. Did you know that Tintrio is part of a painting company and run by a third-generation family of painters? So you can rest assured that you will get reliable and professional advice. Even if you need colour advice, are not sure how much paint you need or simply have a question about shipping, we will be happy to help you.

Tintrio also guarantees a correct price and fast delivery. Orders received before 4 p.m. are dispatched the same working day!