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Our top 5 white wall paint

White is a very frequently chosen colour for the walls. It looks fairly neutral, matches practically any other colour, brings a lightness to the room, and so on. Therefore, many white paints are available. 

If only there weren't so many to choose from!

That's why we'd love to help you make your pick, by presenting you our top 5 wall paints in different whites. To each product, we've added an indication of 'how white' it is, i.e. if it's more of a brighter or a warmer shade of white. 

Want to read more about the differences between shades of white? We have written an interesting blog about it!

Tintrio Reviews with ekomi.nl
Sigma Perfect Matt
From €19.45 

1. Sigma Perfect Matt in RAL 9010

Bright   • • • •    Warm

Sigma Perfect Matt is an ideal paint for the most popular shade of white: RAL 9010, which is a very light eggshell white colour or "off-white". This high-quality paint is for any painter, from painthusiast to professional :) It is incredibly easy to apply and guarantees a perfect, stripe-free result! 

2. Sikkens Alphacryl Morpha in RAL 9016

Bright   • • • •   Warm

Sikkens Alphacryl Morpha is a very lovely wall paint as well. It is ideal on walls with angled lighting. Our suggested colour here is the second most popular RAL white: RAL 9016, which is a rather neutral-looking white.

Tintrio Reviews with ekomi.nl
Sikkens Alphacryl Morpha
From €23.95 

3. Trimetal Soft (standard white)

Bright    • • •   Warm

Trimetal Soft combines a the quality of a professional brand with a DIY level pricing. This water-based paint with a velvety finish can be ordered in standard white, without any added pigments. Great choice if you're on a budget!

4. Sigma Pearl Clean Matt in NCS S 0500-N

Bright   • • • •   Warm

Pearl Clean Matt is a cleanable wall paint, which is great to use in the kitchen, for example - or in any other room where you need to keep the walls clean. A neutral shade of white such as NCS S 0500-N is perfect for said clean-looking spaces as well. Amazing combination!

Our pick
Tintrio Reviews with ekomi.nl
Sigma Pearl Clean Matt
From €24.95 

High-quality matt washable paint that not only protects your wall or ceiling from stains but also offers a beautiful decorative aspect.

High-quality matt washable paint that not only protects your wall or ceiling from stains but also offers a beautiful decorative aspect.

Tintrio Reviews with ekomi.nl
Levis White+ Extra White
From €96.95 

5. Levis White+ Extra White

Bright  • • • •   Warm

Looking for the brightest white in the game? Then, you're looking for Levis White+ Extra White! It's not just standard white; it is enriched with luminous particles that reflect the natural light and make the paint look even brighter. It is especially recommended for small or darker rooms.

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