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When choosing Trimetal, you're choosing Belgian craftsmanship in paint, from wall paint to varnish, for indoors and outdoors.

"Typically Trimetal"

Trimetal is a brand of Belgian pride. Yes, you read it right, more than 115 years ago Trimetal was founded in the Belgian town of Machelen. Today, the brand still produces paint products there.
In addition, Trimetal is part of AkzoNobel, one of the largest paint producers in the world.

Trimetal, a Belgian-made paint brand, originated in Machelen in 1904. That's a lot of years of experience, knowledge and expertise, in other words! Typically Trimetal, you could say. That is also their slogan, although we think they could also have done something with the T of Tatisfaction or T of Top Paint.
After all, our professionals and do-it-yourselfers are very satisfied with Trimetal's top products. And they are right, because the extensive range of high-quality paints has something for everyone.

Discover the Trimetal paints below, or continue to read more about their product range. 

The various Trimetal paints

From the basics to lacquers, stains, facade paint and, of course, wall paint. You can find a suitable Trimetal paint for every paint job.
Below we highlight some of the top products for you.

Wall paints

Is the project painting walls and ceilings on the agenda? Then we immediately recommend two toppers from Trimetal: Magnacryl Prestige Mat and Magnacryl Prestige Velours. They did not steal their name, as prestige and esteem are given to them by professional painters. They are water- and grease-resistant, making them suitable for the kitchen. And another advantage: you can simply use this wall paint as a one-pot system, so you don't need to buy extra primer.

Can it be a bit more basic for you and a bit cheaper at the same time?

Trimetal certainly has basic products of quality in its range. For example, the primer. Trimetal Primer is flying out the door at Tintrio, but the water-based wall paints such as Trimetal Soft and Trimetal Mat are also doing extremely well.

In addition to this selection, Trimetal obviously has even more wall paints for indoors, and even for outdoors, there is a range of façade paints. Highly recommended is Trimetal Globacryl Façade. This paint is water vapour permeable, but prevents water penetration. Finally, this paint is self-cleaning, so extra easy to maintain.


Need a lacquer? From now on, look for Trimetal Permacryl. And more specifically for our best-selling interior topcoat, Permacryl PU Satin. A water-based lacquer with very high scratch resistance. This paint is even suitable for public institutions such as hospitals, schools, companies, etc. More of a fan of a matt finish? Then Permacryl PU Matt is definitely your thing!

Besides lacquers suitable for wood, Trimetal also has metal lacquers in its range. If you are specifically looking for these, you should look at products from the Steloxine line. And if we have to recommend one from this line to you, it would be the Steloxine Protect Universal. This anti-rust paint is suitable for on all metals and acts as a primer, intermediate and final coat.


Trimetal has two ranges for wood protection. Silvanol and Silvatane. When you see them written side by side like this, you would think they are brothers, but they are very different.

Silvanol is a range of transparent and opaque stains. And Silvatane is a range with different varnish products for interior and exterior wood.

What does link them together? They offer your wood protection against scratches.

If we had to push one of each to the front, they are: Trimetal Silvanol lm and Trimetal Silvatane PU Acrylic Mat.

Briefly, Silvanol LM is a transparent stain with excellent wood impregnation. It also provides excellent weather protection. Silvatane PU Acrylic Mat, on the other hand, is an indoor varnish. It is meant to protect your interior woodwork. The varnish is low-odour, dries quickly and is resistant to stains.

Both series are available in the same Trimetal Silva colours.

Buying Trimetal paints online?

Convinced about a Trimetal paint product? Of course! You can buy Trimetal paint here at Tintrio quickly, easily and at the best prices. Expert advice from paint experts included, because that's typically Tintrio 😉