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Looking for a lacquer? Then you might want to give your surface the best protection against various types of wear and tear. The lacquers on this page certainly meet that requirement!

What properties should your lacquer have?

On this page you will find an abundance of high-quality lacquers for indoors and outdoors, for wood or metal, ... Plenty of choice, but perhaps also a bit overwhelming. And that's why we have a filter in the sidebar where you can specify all your needs. If your paint does not only have to be scratch and wear-resistant, you can also just select the other properties such as skin grease resistance or anti-corrosion.

Now it's up to you, specify your requirements and find the best lacquer for your project!

Projects for which you need a lacquer

At Tintrio we are happy to give you detailed advice, but you can also find a lot of useful information yourself in our how-to guides. Below we have highlighted a few projects for you, such as painting your kitchen cabinets, refurbishing your metal fence and painting your doors. Discover how to complete these projects with the best lacquers.

Do I need a primer before lacquering?

If you have a surface that has not yet been painted or is no longer intact, you will almost always need a primer. Although you can also lacquer without primer if you use a one-pot systemSigma Amarol Triol, for example, is a paint line where the lacquer can be used both as primer and as topcoat.

Do I choose a varnish or lacquer for my staircase?

When you want to paint your stairs, it is important to ask yourself a few questions first. If you want to give your stairs a new colour such as black or white, we recommend a lacquer. A lacquer will keep your staircase protected against scratches and wear and tear. Attention: it is best to use a lacquer that is resistant to skin grease, such as Rubbol bl rezisto, so the paint on your wooden banister will not become hazy. If you often walk around the house with bare feet, you can also apply such a Skin-grease-resistant lacquer to the steps.

Would you rather keep the natural aspect of your staircase? Then choose a varnish instead of a lacquer. We do not recommend colouring varnishes, as there is a greater chance of gloss and colour differences. What we find better is to use a stain in a wood shade of your choice and then apply a colourless varnish on top to give your staircase the best protection.

Your kitchen cabinets

Both for wooden fronts and MDF

Your metal fence

For rust protection and decoration

Your doors

Not only for internal doors but also your external doors

Need colour inspiration before lacquering?

Check out the popular door colours for a warm welcome.
Transform your garden furniture or window frames with these popular outdoor colours.
And discover a how to make your kitchen trendy by painting your wall tiles or fridge.