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Sigma Tigron

Sigma Tigron is a paint collection with lacquers for both interior and exterior use. With these lacquers, you can give wood a lick of paint, but also finish metal. Application on plaster is also possible. If you use a Sigma Tigron lacquer, you not only provide a beautiful decorative aspect, but also protect the surface against scratches and wear.

Lacquer collection by Sigma Coatings

Want to know which Tigron lacquer paint to use for indoors, what the different gloss levels are, which primers we recommend and whether you can spray these lacquers?

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Tigron Aqua vs. Tigron

For indoor paint jobs, we recommend one of the Tigron Aqua lacquers. Aqua lacquer paints are water-based and odourless, ideal for interior doors, cabinets and plinths. If you want to paint window frames or doors outdoors, you are best served with a solvent-based lacquer. You can recognise these lacquers by their purple-pink packaging.

If you are looking for the best outdoor durability, choose Sigma Tigron Extreme Satin. The paint lasts for up to 10 years as it is extremely weather-resistant.

Choose your gloss level

Matt, Soft Satin, Satin or Gloss. Can't see the wood for the trees? No problem, we list for you the most common questions about Sigma Tigron gloss levels.

Matt is obviously a lacquer that does not appear glossy. Soft satin could basically be compared to semi-matt, which is just that little bit less matt than the matt gloss level. If you choose satin, you go for a silk-gloss effect, but also for even better protection against scratches. Want to go with a high gloss? Then you can create a shiny appearance and get extreme protection against various abrasions.

Which primer if you choose a Tigron topcoat?

Actually, you should always keep this rule in mind: If you choose a waterborne topcoat, from the Sigma Tigron Aqua collection, then you will also be able to use the waterborne primer, Sigma Tigron Aqua Primer. Conversely, the same reasoning applies for the preparation of solvent-based tigron paints, there you will work best with the solvent-based Sigma Tigron Primer.

Do you still have some leftover solventborne primer at home that you would like to use up, but you insist on working with a waterborne topcoat? Find out if this is possible in this handy blog post!

Can I spray these paints?

Actually, you can spray all lacquers, but we also have specially developed Sigma Tigron products for this, which make spraying extra pleasant. We are talking about Sigma Tigron Aqua Spray. This paint can be applied via spray application such as Airless, also suitable for heated spraying. These special spray lacquer do not need dilution, so it is immediately ready for spray application.

Want to buy Sigma Tigron online?

If after reading, you still have questions about how to order the best Tigron lacquer online, don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team will be happy to help you.

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