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Protect, decorate or repair your metal with Hammerite paint. Hammerite is also referred to as the number one in metal protection, and we don't contradict that.

Hammerite says no to rust

Whether you want to preventively protect your surface from rust or are already dealing with rust, it doesn't matter. Hammerite has the perfect metal paint for every job!

What is special about this paint brand is that the products have been developed for metal substrates such as iron, steel, aluminium, ... These are normally difficult substrates for paint, to which most paint does not adhere well or needs a special primer. Although for Hammerite, this is a piece of cake, as even a primer is often unnecessary.

Wondering which metal paint is best for your project? From primers for metal, to anti-rust paint and even heat-resistant paints. Quickly scroll down for more details. 👇

Choose your metallic paint

From primers for metal to anti-rust paint and heat-resistant paints.
Below, we highlight the toppers you can use to decorate and protect your metal.

Primers for metal

Although most Hammerite products can be applied directly over the metal, a primer can provide an even more durable rust protection. We especially recommend this if you already have very severe rust spots. Non-ferrous metals such as zinc, copper, aluminium or galvanized metal can be pre-treated with our Hammerite non ferro metaal primer.

If you have rusted ferrous metals, both indoors and outdoors, you can first pre-treat the surface with Hammerite Nr. 1 Antiroest PrimerHammerite Menie is also an extreme rust-preventing primer applicable on iron and steel and is the best choice for protecting your machinery, grating or street furniture. All these primers ensure that the rusting process is stopped.

Anti-rust paint

Hammerite is known for its metal paints with anti-corrosion functions. Actually, all metal paints can be applied directly to the surface, even if it is already rusted. In this category, Hammerite Ultima excels the most. Hammerite Ultima is the ultimate metal paint if you want long durability with excellent colour and gloss retention. The paint protects for up to 12 years!

There are also quite a few decorative metal paints available in a spray can that offer you up to 8 years of protection. For example, you have Hammerite Metallic Paint Spray or in a silk, matt or high-gloss finish.

Would you like to add another decorative aspect to your metalwork? Then you can opt for a Hammerite Metallic Paint Hammerslag, this paint not only provides your metal indoors and outdoors with protection against weathering and rust, but also gives you a hammered effect. It is an effect best described as crackle.

Heat-resistant paints

Do you have a metal wood oven, barbecue, tailpipe or other metal objects exposed to heat that you would like to give a coat of paint? Then you can get started with Hammerite's heat-resistant lacquers!

There is Hammerite Heat Resistant Paint that can withstand extreme temperatures of 650°C, as well as preventing rust and flaking off.

Don't need the paint to resist such extreme temperatures, but are you more interested in giving your radiator or heat pipes a new colour? Hammerite has that as well in its range. For instance, with Hammerite Radiotorlak you can paint your chauffage in standard white, RAL 9010 or RAL 9001. Do you prefer spraying? Then use the Radiatorlak Spray.

In what colours is Hammerite available?

The Hammerite colours depend on each product. Often you have the standard white, grey (RAL7042) or black variant (RAL 9005).

Remarkably, with the high-gloss products you often have more choice. For example, there you will also be able to choose from gold, silver, copper and green.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a personalised colour, as Hammerite paint is only available in Ready Mix Colours.

If you want to know in which Hammerite colours your desired product is available, you will have to take a look at the product page itself.

Buy Hammerite paint online?

Hopefully the information above has already helped you to find the right Hammerite product. If you still have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us. Behind the scenes of our web shop there are real paint experts working for the customer service department who will gladly provide you with a professional answer. Whether it's about the colour trends for metal in the garden or exactly how to start your paint job, we will be happy to help!

Would you like to find out for yourself how to paint an iron gate or aluminium garage door with a Hammerite lacquer? Then be sure to take a look at our how-to guides.